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Accredited Learning Programs

Interested in learning AK?

Check out our our Events Calendar or the ICAKA Facebook profile or for regular updates on seminars.

If you would like to be advised when our next round of seminars will be held in your city, please sign up to our Mailing List or email our Secretary if you have a specific query.

The following criteria must be met to enable therapists to attend our courses:

    • The therapist must have completed a minimum 4 year full-time recognised tertiary institution course to obtain registration in your given healthcare profession.
    • Students wishing to register must be in least the 4th year of their chosen course

Upcoming Seminars

ICAKA Certification Series

Learn Applied Kinesiology. This 8 part course will be taught to you by some of the best teachers in the southern hemisphere.

Courses are held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Auckland.  Please visit our events page for current dates and registration details.

Retained Neonatal Reflexes

This seminar is a MUST if you want to help understand and correct the structural (and some of the biochemical) side of children’s learning difficulties and behavioural disorders! The babies reflexes are an essential stage in their development, and early in life these reflexes are destined to disappear allowing voluntary movement to appear unimpeded. However abnormal cranial rhythm will disrupt this process resulting poor motor control, low muscle tone, ADHD, learning problems and much more. Dr Susan Walker is an excellent teacher and will show you the simple yet effective tools in correcting these problems.

Check the events page for upcoming seminars.

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