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What is the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK)? 

In 1976, The international College of Applied Kinesiology was founded by a group of Doctors who taught students principles and application of Applied Kinesiology. Since that beginning, the number of member chapters within the College continues to increase. Initially, the college was founded in 1976 consisting only of the ICAK-USA chapter. Now, there are chapters representing Australasia, Canada, Germany, Italy, England, (UK) Scandinavia and BeNeLux. In 2006 in Austria, Applied Kinesiology was classified as a Medical Specialty. 

When and how did Applied Kinesiology begin? 

In 1964 George J. Goodheart Jr., D.C. discovered that muscle weakness (rather than excessive tightness) is frequently central to postural distortions. He also developed new ways of restoring appropriate muscle tone thus correcting the posture. Since then the founding principles have been expanded enormously so muscle testing is used to evaluate more of the health picture. 

What is the educational background of an Applied Kinesiologist? 

To practice AK, one must first obtain a university degree in an approved mode of primary health care such as chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy or medicine. After that, a certificate course of over 100 hours classroom study is undertaken. Further study to become a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK) requires over 300 hours of AK instruction, written and oral examinations and submission of two original research papers. 

Does Applied Kinesiology replace standard examinations? 

Applied Kinesiology does not replace standard examinations. It is used in conjunction with a comprehensive patient history and other recognised standard forms of assessment and examination. 

Who is eligible to attend a course on Applied Kinesiology? 

To be eligible to attend of Applied Kinesiology courses you need to have completed a minimum 4 year full-time recognised tertiary institution course to obtain registration in your given healthcare profession.

Students wishing to register must be in at least the 4th year of their chosen course.

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