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2023 Annual General Meeting & Annual Conference

Visceral Biomechanics with Dr Victor Portelli

18-19 March 2023

Mövenpick Auckland

8 Customs Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

ICAKA is heading to beautiful Auckland in 2023 to learn Visceral Biomechanics with one of the masters in the field, Dr Victor Portelli. In this clinically practical study of structural, anatomical and physiological relationships of the organs and systems of the body as it moves, you will learn:

  • how to find organ fixations through palpation of the abdomen
  • clinical signs and symptoms that require organ manipulation
  • dermatome analysis
  • how the Splanchnic nerves govern visceral function how to assess for a Vagus insufficiency
  • balancing parasympatheticona and sympatheticonia
  • how to understand and read abdominal imaging
  • to have confidence in knowing what to do for a herniated tissue
  • how to check for a prolapsed organ
  • how to release a spastic bowel
  • methods to help excel athletic performance by techniques that dramatically increase blood volume, oxygen and glucose levels for an event
  • stimulating bladder back to normal function
  • mechanical consideration in treating prostate conditions
  • how to activate spleen function to get rid of old blood, balance iron levels, improve immune
  • function, treat rheumatoid arthritic patients
  • how to treat the mechanical cause of chronic high blood pressure
  • specificity in turning a baby's position to relieve the pregnant mum’s pain or to prepare the abdomen for delivery or reduce the need for caesarean
  • techniques for infertility
  • how to relieve the mechanic effects of stubborn constipation
  • what to adjust in an infant
  • the reason for colic, reflux, distressed child, lack of weight gain
  • how to correct reflux, GERD, gut bloating
  • biliary function and manual methods of increasing bile flow
  • an effective visceral treatment for anxiety
  • about poor lung ventilation and how to dramatically increase it
  • how to correct non-pathologic racing heart and breathlessness
  • mechanical reasons for poor energy levels
  • and much more!

This year registration will only be open to in-person attendees. Saturday night dinner and drinks at the Mövenpick hotel.

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