2021 Applied Kinesiology Certification Course


The Program

This new 5 seminar format to the Basic Series has been structured to provide the student with all the information and techniques required to perform a thorough AK exam/diagnosis and deliver the appropriate therapy. This course condenses the information into a more easily understood format so the student is not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information provided in courses.

Recognition of completion

On completion of the 5 modules the student on passing an exam will be awarded a certificate of completion which is recognised and registered by the international body (ICAK) and allows them to participate in further studies of the specialist modules including the Meridian System, Visceral and Nutrition and Clinical Biochemistry leading to full PAK certification.  

Successful completion of the specialist modules will result in being 'AK Certified' and recorded in the international register and membership sites. 

To achieve AK Certification all modules must be attended and the examinations passed.

Module One must be attended before attending any further modules.

Certification is optional.

Your Presenter

As a 1973 graduate chiropractor Dr. Eric Pierotti has over 47 years of clinical experience in private practice. After undertaking further studies in Applied Kinesiology, SOT, Nutrition and clinical biochemistry he began teaching these subjects including Symptomatology for Health Schools Australia for several years. Eric is a certified teaching Diplomate with the International EducationCommittee of ICAK and is a current board member of the International Board of Examiners for ICAK. He is the past Chairman of the InternationalCollege of Applied Kinesiology a position he held for 9 years and is past president and a life member of the ICAK/Australasia. He has authored several original papers, which have been published in the USA and Australian Collected Papers for critical review and the International Journal of Applied Kinesiology and Kinesiologic Medicine. He teaches Applied Kinesiology courses and other postgraduate seminars both nationally and internationally.

The Details

Location:  Adelaide Chiropractic College, 1/83-89 Currie St Adelaide.

Times: Saturday 8.30 am - 5.00 pm

  Sunday  8.30 am - 2.30 pm

Investment per session: 

Practitioners $650

First Year Out $550

Refresher $550

Student $400

Early Bird Discounts

10% off each session - closes 3 weeks prior to individual sessions

20% off when paying for all 5 sessions at once - closes 15 April 2021

Session One - Basic Procedures - 15-16 May 2021 (Early Bird closes 15 April 2021)
Click here to register for Session One or for all sessions at once
Session Two - The Spine and Pelvis - 12-13 June (Early Bird closes 1 May 2021)
Click here to register for Session Two 
Session Three - Peripheral Corrections - 24-25 July (Early Bird closes 12 June 2021) 
Click here to register for Session Three
Session Four - Cranial Faults - 14-15 August (Early Bird closes 12 June 2021) 
Click here to register for Session Four
Session Five - TMJ and Gait - 11-12 September (Early Bird closes 31 July 2021) 
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Terms and Conditions that I agree to by registering:

  • 'Refresher' must have completed each session previously that is to be refreshed.
  • 'Students' will be asked to present their University Student Card.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of the series will incur a 50% fee and, if pre-paid, NO refunds after the start of the series.

If you have any queries regarding the seminar, please email Dr Eric Pierotti 

If you have any problems registering for the seminar, please contact us.

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